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Industrial exhaust fans

Industrial chimney fans (more commonly known as Exodraft and formerly called Exhausto chimney fans) are used in situations where it isn’t possible to get a good enough draw of air into a chimney.

The most common cause for this is the height of the flue or chimney, and these robust units are fitted to the top of a structure to control the draw.

There are two main types of industrial chimney fans:

  • RSV range (five different sizes)
  • RS range (six different sizes)

Both ranges can be used with gas, oil or solid fuel appliances and can withstand continuous flue gas temperatures of up to 250°C. They are hinged to provide easy access for maintenance and come with a minimum two-year warranty.

The control units for these industrial chimney fans are usually positioned near the appliance, which allows the fan to be adjusted to the desired speed. There are two main types:

  • EFC 16 – this turns the unit on and off and gives the user infinite variation of the fan speed
  • EFC 18 – this has the same functionality as the EFC 18 but also has the ability to detect temperatures over 40°C.

For technical help on industrial chimney fans, either email our Technical Department at technical@a1flues.co.uk or call 01623 867303.