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A1 Flues

Commercial and domestic flue, natural lighting and ventilation specialist

As a 48-year-old multi-award-winning family business, we are very proud to have become the UK market leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial chimney, flue and exhaust systems. We were also one of the first UK companies to take the lead environmentally by introducing a range of natural lighting and venting solutions.

We are very passionate about our British heritage and are the only company that can genuinely provide bespoke systems that we manufacture onsite in the UK to precision designs and specifications.

We work hard at all times to deliver excellence in absolutely everything we do!

48 years of flue manufacturing excellence

Our latest news

Welcome to Spooky Flues - One Hell of a Company

Happy Halloween everyone. This is A1 Flues and to be honest this is just a normal day at the office ! Lone Spectres, Ghoulish Groups, and Infernal Gatherings. We love them...

UKCA Marking Update

We are pleased to announce that A1 Flue Systems are now proudly accredited with the UK CA certificates of Conformity of the Factory Production Control. Securing the UK CA mark...

Installers and Engineers

Here at A1 Flue Systems we are always on the lookout for Installers and Engineers. So if you want to join a great company, please email your details across to info@a1flues.co.uk...


Here's how A1 makes flue liner

A1 Flue Systems manufactures flue liner for commercial and domestic chimneys. See how we make our flue liner.