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FuranFlex chimney liners

FuranFlex® is a revolutionary chimney lining system which uses a glass fibre reinforced thermo setting resin to line chimneys. It is most commonly used in listed buildings to bring large open fires back into use without having to alter the size of the fire opening or install chimney fans. It is also used to reline chemical cabinet ducts, avoiding the need to open up walls to replace ductwork.

FuranFlex® can also be used to line existing chimneys to maximise the cross sectional area of the chimney and allow condensing and high efficiency appliances to be fitted. It can also be used on positive pressure chimneys and to line Inglenook fireplaces where it might not be possible for the chimney characteristics to be altered.

Many issues, particularly those related to compliance with fire regulations and health and safety standards have been resolved by using the FuranFlex® System. From condensates seeping through walls, to ensuring cross sectional areas are maintained to ensure safe and efficient draught on ducts and chimneys, FuranFlex® is ideal for use in chimneys (condensing and dry) for all fuels, SE and U ducts, ventilation ducts, kitchen extract ducts, rain water pipes and drains.

Totally gas and water tight, and guaranteed to be corrosion resistant for 25 years, it has a projected lifespan that is well in excess of 100 years.