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Draught stabilisers

Draught stabilisers and draught breaks are pivotal to the design, manufacture and installation of commercial and industrial chimney, flue and exhaust systems.

The consequences of an unstable draught are lower efficiency, incomplete combustion and breakdowns. This is why keeping a draught constant during the entire heating process is important to ensure optimal combustion – variations in the draught can depend on differences in temperature, as well as wind conditions.

It’s also important to note that the management of draughts is important, regardless of whether boilers and CHP units use oil, gas or other solid fuels.

Modern appliances require much more sensitive control of excess draught, and A1 Flue Systems has developed a draught break system that offers complete controllability – irrespective of the number of appliances connected into a single header system.

Condensing appliances are particularly sensitive to excess draughts, so draft stabilisers are especially ideal when condensing appliances are incorporated into flue dilution systems.

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