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Our most popular commercial ventilation system is the WINDAVENT range of roof-mounted terminals, which are an environmentally friendly way to ventilate a building naturally by the use of wind and thermal stacks.

WINDAVENT contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions whilst providing improved comfort conditions at very low levels of energy consumption. It ticks all the right boxes of the Building Regulations in providing a building’s necessary ventilation requirements.

In particular, WINDAVENT addresses Part F of the Building Regulations, which deals with the implications of the air tightness of buildings on adequate ventilation and air quality. It also addresses Part L, which states that it is necessary to ensure that modern airtight buildings have sufficient channels of air to address condensation problems and to provide healthier internal environmental conditions.

As a commercial ventilation system, WINDAVENT is ideal for many of the UK’s domestic and commercial buildings. Because it uses the elements as part of natural ventilation, we can factor in requirements such as ventilators to minimise the discomfort from draughts, especially in the winter. We can also use solar control to ensure incoming air during the summer months stays within acceptable summer conditions.

For more information on WINDAVENT or commercial ventilation in general, you can either email our Technical Department at technical@a1flues.co.uk or call 01623 867303.