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London Development Project

London Development Project

The project

The London Development Project next to Holborn Viaduct in London’s Farringdon has seen a 13-storey building demolished to make way for a new £359 million European headquarters for global investment bank Goldman Sachs. This massive and prestigious scheme, nine storeys high, is delivering 78,000 square metres of state-of-the-art, low-energy office space. That’s sufficient for nearly 10,000 workers. It will allow Goldman Sachs to consolidate the space it uses in several London office blocks for more than 6,000 employees, although it is expected that one or more floors of the new build will be sub-let to other financial-sector businesses. Occupancy is scheduled for 2019. 

Our design 

There were two parts to this task. In effect, it was two projects. We were responsible, start to finish, for two boiler flues and two more for the combined heat and power system on behalf of client Michael J Lonsdale. A further five flues for back-up power generators were required by AVK-SEG UK. Two of our teams, each of three men, carried out the work, completed on time. All specifications and on-site activities were fully compliant with the various British Standards involved. Demonstrating industry leadership and without exception, every flue installation by A1 Flue Systems carries full CE Mark accreditation.


“Coordination had to be a priority, as we were on site for two separate clients, each setting out their demands. All of the services in the riser shaft had to be installed at the same time. It needed care and attention, but we are well used to that. Concern for our customers starts with any initial discussions, carries on with the specification and quotation processes, on to design and manufacture, and through to site works and aftercare. It’s a total service.”

David Smallman, Projects Manager, A1 Flue Systems

Facts at a glance

Client name: Michael J Lonsdale and AVK-SEG UK

Project value: £220,000

Time to complete: 16 weeks

Location: London

London Development Project