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Kings Cross T1 Development

Kings Cross T1 Development

Project brief

A1 Flue Systems were contracted by Vital Energi, the company responsible for delivering a sustainable energy supply for the new 67 acre King's Cross T1 Development, in central London.

Vital Energi, had to firstly design, fabricate, and install a temporary boiler house to enable power, heating and ventilation systems to be installed and tested as the area underwent re-development and construction. Upon completion of all building and development works, they had to create the new energy centre which comprises three CHP engines and three gas boilers. The new energy centre is designed to supply heat and power to the site which consists of eight million square foot of offices, shops, homes and a university. It is the largest piece of Central London to be developed, under single ownership, in the past 150 years.

Our design

We initially designed, manufactured and installed three free standing chimneys to serve the temporary boiler house. These had to be built to meet the height requirements of the Clean Air Act, and so were over 55 metres in height. This required significant technical and planning expertise, as well as a thorough understanding of and consideration for the future site plan and building development requirements.

Once the building works on the development were completed, we returned to the site to make the necessary structural changes to the chimney and flue installations to link them to the energy centre and enable access to an underground car park which had now been completed.

It was known at the beginning of planning for the development that certain sections of the chimney and flue system would obstruct the car park entrance. We, therefore, had to remove three base sections as well as design, manufacture and install replacement flues to link the free standing chimneys to the new energy centre.

Having been involved in the surveying, design, manufacture and installation of all the chimney and ventilation systems, we are now contracted on an on-going basis to ensure regular flue maintenance is carried out.


"We have been delighted with the technical insight and expertise A1 Flue Systems have provided on this project. We have felt confident all along that we had partners who could deliver and meet our deadlines, regardless of any changes that have needed to be accommodated as the site was re-developed. They have been readily available to provide help and advice when any unforeseen technical or construction issues have arisen. They have provided the complete package, with a high level of customer service and an extremely competent installation team."

Facts at a glance

Client name: Vital Energi

Project value: £500,000

Time to complete: 12 months

Location: London

Website Link : Vital Energi

Kings Cross T1 Development