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Ventilation installation

In order to install ventilation systems such as our WINDAVENT range of natural ventilation terminals, A1 Flue Systems first has to consider a variety of factors, including:

  • The occupancy levels of the building
  • The type of occupancy of the building
  • Room volumes for each room in the building
  • The building leakage rate
  • Heat gains within the building
  • The ventilation rate for dissipating heat against the fresh air requirements
  • Air change rate per hour

Also, calculations have to be made based on factors including:

  • Night-time cooling requirements
  • Wind parameters for the area
  • The building configuration

Only once all these elements have been taken into consideration can the team at our Nottingham factory set about designing and manufacturing components ready for the ventilation installation.

Did you know?

  1. All dampers are of the ultra-low leakage type as standard, eliminating nuisance draughts and complaints when natural ventilation is not required. These dampers exceed the requirements of DIN 1946 Part 4
  2. The dampers have fully insulated blades as standard, reducing heat loss in winter when the WINDAVENT terminals are not in use
  3. Where required, we can offer a range of BMS control systems, from Cylon to Trend
  4. We can offer field wiring of supplied components where applicable; we can also complete turnkey projects
  5. Acoustic lining can be fitted within the terminals and trunking to prevent unwanted noise entering the ventilated area from outside

For more information on ventilation installation, you can either email our Technical Department at technical@a1flues.co.uk or call 01623 867303.