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A1 releases new film

For those of you in the know, and for those who want to know a little bit more, A1 has released a new video explaining just how our flues are put together. We have decided to do this due to the growing interest in how we install our products.

Using CAD (computer-aided design), we have created a virtual step-by-step guide of how all the components are put together to make the flues that we are famous for. The video includes four sections: ‘Flue assembly process, Single-wall delta vent assembly’, ‘Twin-wall delta vent assembly’ and ‘Volume control damper operation’.

This video is intended to be the first of many that we at A1 are going to make. This video, as well as other videos, can be found both on our website and on our YouTube channel: A1FlueSystems1.

You can find our YouTube video here.