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Biomass investment for Sainsbury supermarkets

Sainsbury's Supermarkets are embarking on a programme to replace all the heating boilers in their UK stores with environmentally friendly Biomass boilers.

A1 Flues have been selected as one of two preferred suppliers to work alongside heating and ventilation specialists to install the new chimney and flue systems.

Sainsbury's aim to gradually replace the boiler system in all of their 250 UK based stores over the next two years. When replacing existing plant, in almost all cases requires purpose designed flue systems. A1 Flue Systems have been appointed because we have the facilities to manufacture bespoke structures that meet their quality standards at our large workshops in Boughton, near Ollerton.

A1 Flue Systems said, "Many companies are becoming more aware of the cost efficiencies of using natural fuel sources and are making the switch. The availability of government grants also makes the change to biomass boilers an attractive alternative to fossil fueled systems. Companies are therefore not only protecting themselves from future fuel price increases, they are also helping sustain the environment for future generations."