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A1 holds prostate cancer awareness session

A volunteer from Prostate Cancer UK has visited A1 Flue Systems to run a workshop for all of the men who work at our head office to raise awareness of the condition, which affects one in eight men in the UK.

We halted production for nearly an hour so that Graham Bates – a survivor of prostate cancer who now volunteers for the charity – could speak to nearly 60 of our staff to discuss areas such as knowing your prostate, understanding the signs and symptoms, knowing the risks, knowing your rights and taking action.

Graham said that 47,000 men are diagnosed each year and that approximately 400,000 men are living with and after prostate cancer in the UK – based on the latest figures.

The session was an eye-opener for many of our staff, including 23-year-old Daniel Evans, who assumed that it was something that affects older men.

He found out that men are 2.5 times more likely to get prostate cancer if a father or brother has had it (compared to a man who has no relations with prostate cancer) and that there’s also a higher risk if a man’s mother or sister has had breast cancer, particularly if they were diagnosed under the age of 60.

“It’s something you just don’t think about at my age, but it was good to know about the increased risks – especially if it runs in the family,” said Daniel.

“The session was very good: Graham gave us lots of information and made us think about things we wouldn’t always think of – and, more importantly, he told us that we should take action if we notice any signs or symptoms that aren’t right.

"It was a good thing for the company to do, enabling Graham to come and speak to us.”

Some members of staff are already longstanding supporters of Prostate Cancer UK, but the issue was thrown into sharp focus following the sad passing earlier this year of our company’s accountant of 30 years, Steve Darby.

Our Managing Director John Hamnett said that Steve’s untimely passing has served as a wake-up call, which is why we invited Prostate Cancer UK to come and speak to our staff.

“Steve’s passing was a shock,” he said. “One of the ways we wanted to honour his memory was to do something to get the message across to everyone who works at A1.

“Graham’s workshop was very informative, and the issue of prostate cancer is something that we can all be a little more open about to support one another at A1.

“We’re also looking to do more fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK next year and already have our thinking caps on to see what we can do to raise money for this very worthy charity.”

For more information on prostate cancer, visit www.prostatecanceruk.org.