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Our CE Marking Accreditation has Arrived

Our copy of the CE Marking accreditation has arrived and we are absolutely thrilled.

We can't begin to tell you just what a big deal this is for A1 Flue Systems, as it culminates some incredible work by some extraordinary people here at New Ollerton.

It became mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE Marking to products such as flues, stoves, radiators, fans and other HVAC products on 1st  July, and we got notification that we had achieved this ahead of time, and now we have the certificate to prove it.

We understand that we are the only manufacturer in the UK to secure a single accreditation for a complete system, rather than numerous ones for all component parts. This means architects and building contractors will only have one accreditation for a fully installed flue system - rather than an onerous amount of documents for ones made from individual parts.

Director of A1 Flue Systems, John Hamnett, is delighted to get the certificate, which has already taken pride of place in our reception area.

"It's fantastic to finally have the certificate in our hands," she said.

"The entire team at A1 Flue Systems knows what this means for our business and we have an exciting future ahead of us because of the CE Marking."