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A1 introduces 100mm Deltavent

A1 Flue Systems has launched its smallest-diameter Deltavent twin-wall flue system with the introduction a new 100mm flue pipe.

Previously, the smallest-diameter Deltavent that was available was 150mm, but, thanks to the availability of a new V band (which seals the joint between lengths of flues), we can now introduce the 100mm flue pipe into our flagship range, which goes up to 1,100mm.

We have always had the capability to manufacture Deltavent in 100mm diameter but we have been hindered by the lack of V bands from third-party suppliers. 

As well as increasing the size of the Deltavent range, we will enjoy a manufacturing boost because we can make the 100mm diameter Deltavent in-house at our factory, rather than having to buy in an alternative CFT system – which does not have the same performance levels and is prone to small leakages of condensation.

Speaking about the launch, our Director John Hamnett said that the 100mm Deltavant is an important development for the company in being able to offer a solution for projects requiring flue and chimney systems where there is potential heat transfer from the hot omission gases inside the flue systems.

“Deltavent is the market leader in twin-wall flue systems for installations where the reduction of heat transfer from the hot omission gases inside a flue to the external environment is required – but there was a gap in our range,” said John.

“The availability of the V band has been the breakthrough on this because they are critical to the connection between sections of flue for projects where a positive-pressure high-temperature exhaust system is specified.”

Deltavent twin-wall flue systems are designed for use where a four-hour fire rating is specified and a watertight system is required. Deltavant is typically connected to diesel generator exhausts, condensing boilers, CHP systems, fan-assisted flue systems, kitchen extraction systems, smoke extraction systems and incinerators.

John added: “Being able to go down from 150mm to 100mm may not sound much, but it will make a massive difference to how we engineer projects.

“The 100mm Deltavent will be ideal for smaller projects, such as schools and small offices. But, conversely, it will also work on high-profile projects, such as skyscrapers.”

He added that flue design is not a process that lends itself to major technological advances but that this has not stopped A1 from continuing to innovate.

“We pride ourselves on continually improving our products’ performance, particularly as boiler manufacturers are always looking to improve the efficiency of heat output and reductions in exhaust gases.

“The introduction of 100mm Deltavent to the range is all down to the persistence and tenacity of a small team at A1 led by Gavin Hill, who didn’t give up until they found the right solution.”