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Flue pipe insulation

Flue pipe insulation is inserted between the layers of a twin-wall flue system to prevent heat transfer or heat loss as a flue or chimney system takes combustion gases away from boilers and CHP units.

There are two main types of flue pipe insulation: blown and vermiculite.

Blown flue pipe insulation as its names suggests, this type of insulation is blown in the gap between twin-wall flue systems using specialist equipment. It’s a loose, granular material that is very effective at a range of extreme hot and cold temperatures. It is rated as non-combustible in accordance with BS476 Part 4.

Vermiculite flue pipe insulation - when expanded, vermiculite turns into worm-like, accordion-shaped pieces. It is ideal for use as flue pipe insulation because it’s a lightweight, fire-resistant, absorbent and odourless material and is therefore ideal for use as flue pipe insulation.

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