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Fan dilution systems

Fan dilution systems were originally developed in order to discharge the flue products from gas-fired appliances at a CO2 level of 1% or less.

Historically, fan dilution flue systems have only been considered as a last resort when conventional means of exhausting waste gas products have been eliminated or discounted – but all that is changing.

At A1 Flue Systems, our 45 years of experience manufacturing industrial flue and chimney systems for virtually every boiler specification on the market means we now apply the same knowledge to the manufacturing of fan dilution systems.

Because we are able to specify the correct type of fan and determine its functionality, relative positioning system resistance and the noise criteria that need to be applied during its specification, we can design a complete flue or chimney system.

This knowledge and our bespoke manufacturing capability combine to enable us to meet the design specification requirements of most architects and designers, as well as ensure that the visual appearance of the fan fits in with any external building facade requirements.

For technical help on fan dilution systems, either email our Technical Department at technical@a1flues.co.uk or call 01623 867303.

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