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National Library of Scotland

National Library of Scotland

The project

The National Library of Scotland is on George IV Bridge in central Edinburgh and contains some world-class volumes: seven million books in total. It is also a major research library of international renown, with a history that can be traced back to 1689. Having been a private facility, it was given to the nation and formally constituted by an Act of Parliament in 1925. Work on a new building was completed in 1938, outgrown within 50 years and new phases were commissioned in 1989 and 1995 at a cost of £50 million. Since 1999 the National Library has been funded by the Scottish Parliament.

Our design 

After preparing detailed drawings, A1 Flue Systems manufactured the product, delivered it to the central Edinburgh site and carried out all of the installation. There was an Evomod condensing boiler to work with. A 250mm-diameter connection rose through two 90-degree elbows into a main 400mm-diameter header system, with a capped-off branch for another boiler connection in the future. There was a horizontal run through an external wall to another 90-degree elbow, then through various offsets, including two vertical sections. This ran on to a 90-degree base tee and drain, finally rising vertically to termination. 


“On a different project for another client but on the same site, we had been held up near the start. The flue came back from the painters with the wrong RAL colour match. We kept the client informed and made up for lost time so that the job was completed on time to everyone’s satisfaction. This task at the National Library was altogether straightforward and smooth running. We found it most enjoyable. Months of planning had gone into the scheme and it was great to see the finished article.”

Scotland Area Sales Manager, A1 Flue Systems

Facts at a glance

Client name: ECG Facilities Services

Location: Edinburgh

Project value: £16,000

Time to complete: 4 weeks


Thank you to https://artuk.org for the image


National Library of Scotland