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Intergenerational Community Campus, Jedburgh

Intergenerational Community Campus, Jedburgh

The project

Overlooking the Scottish Borders town of Jedburgh, the Intergenerational Community Campus (ICC) has brought together three schools into a single £32 million facility. It was commissioned by Hub South East and the Scottish Borders Council and has been designed to cater for over 1,000 secondary, primary and nursery children, plus further education students and community groups from around the region. Positioned towards the top of a steeply sloping site with a plateau behind, the architecturally impressive building, which begins on a single level then rises to three storeys, is visible from all parts of the town.

Our design 

A1 Flue Systems was contracted to connect to triple 300mm-diameter Hoval UltraGas condensing boilers. Each of them rose into a main 475mm-diameter header system. That system ran horizontally through various offsets, including a one metre vertical section and two external walls, out to a 90-degree base tee and drain. Finally, it rose vertically to termination. As well as detailed drawings, all of the usual sub-products were included, such as an open-top terminal, storm collar, flat and angled flashing, bracketry and boiler adaptors. There was a half-inch BSP test point for every appliance connection.


“The Jedburgh ICC flue was a quick and easy installation. Everything went to plan. As with every project we undertake, it was a partnership with our client, this time FES. Clearly, the on-site FES people were impressed by our workmanlike approach. We were there right on schedule and completed the job without fuss. Maintaining high standards matters to both parties and that common purpose is what leads to more and more contracts. I can say with confidence that the client was delighted.”

Scotland Area Sales Manager, A1 Flue Systems

Facts at a glance

Client name: FES

Location: Jedburgh

Project value: £16,000

Time to complete: 3 weeks